Mungkala TCM Clinic is located in the old city of Chiangmai in a green and clean environment, surrounded by a peaceful herbal garden. It provides Chinese Medicine, Acupuncture, Moxibustion and cupping treatments by  licensed Chinese and Thai Medicine practitioners. We prescribe herbal medicine based on the theory of pattern differentiation of Chinese Medical theory and individual requirements.

Chinese medical was featured on the therapy according to differential diagnosis. While northern part of Thailand or Lanna is a rich herbal resource. There are many herbals commonly used in Traditional Chinese Medicine.  Mungkala TCM Clinic  has developed and inherited features of traditional medicine and Chinese medicine together and collaboration with modern pharmaceutical and medical knowledge to give the quality and standard consultation and medical services of TCM to those whose interested.

The strength of our clinic  is that our dispensary can prepare herbal medicine in various dosage forms depending on the condition of the body and/or personal requirement. These medicine would be in a form very convenient for you to receive the treatment by Chinese medicine. Our acupuncture is a soft technique that is suitable to patients who are afraid of needles and patients who need to do long term acupuncture treatment.

Mungkala clinic provides private room for acupuncture. The needle that used is made from sterile stainless steel and used one time only.