Mungkala Chinese Medicine Clinic 

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Our Clinic provides consultation base on Chinese Medicine theory and treatments as: 

Herbal medicine

Our personalized treatments are tailored to individual cases based on patterns and principles which bring the whole body into harmony to promote the disease resistance of hosts rather than focusing on the relief of isolated symptoms.

We formulate combinations of herbs to utilize their synergistic interactions and to maximize their efficacy while preventing adverse side effects. Traditional herbal medicine can modulate the biochemistry of several drug targets simultaneously to create a wide range of pathways to the body system.

We combine the practice of traditional healing arts with a thorough knowledge of contemporary clinical practice and scientific research. With the exception of a few formulas that use shell and fossilized bone, our herbal formulas are entirely plant-based.




The human body contains precise points from head to toe which correlate with specific physical, emotional, and psychological conditions. Hair-like needles are placed into the skin at these specific points along energy lines called meridians. The needles open up blockage and allow Qi (chi, or energy) to flow freely into these areas so that healing can occur.

Acupuncture has been used for thousands of years to treat the whole range of illness and imbalance including pain relief, imbalance of nerve, hormonal, and immune system function, and the enhancement of well-being. In recent times acupuncture has been modernized to include the application of low-frequency electrical currents connected to the tips of the needles to stimulate the points deeper for faster relief and greater efficacy in certain conditions.

At Mungkala we use non-invasive techniques along with sterilized single use needles. We use moxibustion and cupping along with acupuncture in private rooms with all procedures carefully administered.


The technique of moxibustion involves the ignition of moxa leaves (Artesia argi to warm a point or a larger area of skin. The heat radiates the energy of the burning herb through the surface and into the point so that the effect can travel along the meridians to reach the targeted systems. Recent studies have shown that certain volatile oils contained in moxa leaves have bacteriostatic properties.


Cupping is a form of therapy that creates a vacuum on the skin over an affected area by creating a seal along the rim of the cup. The vacuum causes the local blood supply in the skin to be drawn up into the cup slightly. This draws out excess pathogenic processes in order to relieve blockages.