Red-whiskered bulbul นกปิดจะลิว


From the acupuncture room of Mungkala clinic we often hear birds singing a melodious voice came through the window. The singer is also known to interact with us if we imitate the sound of it. The singer is the red-whiskered bulbul which has local name as Krong-hua-juk in Thai or Pid-ja-liu in Northern Thai. The name Pid-ja-liu is come from the loud and evocative call which some areas also transcribed as Pettigrew or kik-pettgrew or pleased to meet you.


Someone said that it is more often heard than seen but in Mungkala garden is easy to found Red-whiskered bulbul.   During December to March some time we can found bulbul’s nest on the small tree behind the window. Each nest contains 2-3 eggs and takes 12 days to hatch. Young birds are fed by their parents till mature.


         หาสถานที่เหมาะๆ                           หลังห้องฝังเข็มนี่แหละดีเลย                       บรรจงสร้างรัง


                                 นกน้อยสร้างรังแต่พอตัว                                    ชีวิตใหม่ได้เกิดขึ้นในสวน