Mungkala health services

Mungkala is a Chinese medicine clinic that is based in Chiang Mai, northern Thailand.  Our staff is able 
to communicate in Thai, Mandarin and English. We use a soft acupuncture technique.  Chinese herbal medicine is prepared for individualized needs. In addition to Thai people, our patients come from over forty different countries. Mungkala offers soft and safe standardized health services. We offer acupuncture, cupping, medicinal herbal tea, etc. For every new patient, we begin with an extensive verbal consultation. 



Mungkala TCM Clinicis located in the old city of Chiangmai in a green and clean environment 
and surrounded by a peaceful herbal garden.
It provides Chinese Medicine, Acupuncture and Moxibustion treatments by government licensed Thai & Chinese Medicine practitioners and based on your individual requirements at a particular moment in time.


TCM Treatment

Chinese medicine  

TCM is prescribe in formula prescriptions. The prescription can balance the medical substance, accentuate the strength and reduce the side-effects. The combination of substances in a prescription creates a new therapeutic agent that can treat diseases much more effectively than a single substance. 

Acupuncture and Moxibustion

Acupuncture and Moxibustion are the method which prevent and treat diseases by means of needling certain acupoints located on the body with metallic needles or stimulating certain regions on the body by applying heat with ignited moxa woo.



Mungkala clinic provides private room for acupuncture.
The needle that used is made from sterile stainless steel and used one time only.


The strength of our clinic  is that our dispensary can prepare herbal medicine in various dosage forms depending on the condition of the body and/or personal requirement. These medicine would be in a form very convenient for you to receive the treatment by Chinese medicine. Our acupuncture is a soft technique that is suitable to some peoples who are afraid of needles and patients who need to do long term acupuncture treatment


Dosage forms preparation    our dispensary provides various kinds of dosage forms such as

Decoction is the preparation by boiling the herbs for some time (commonly is 20-40 minutes) after that removed the herbs and selected the solution. This method has advantages in quick absorption and effectiveness. It can be easily modified to meet the needs of treatment.

Powder is the preparation by grinding herbs into powder and well mixed. After that packed in tea bags and soaked in hot water for use. This method is prescribed for some symptoms such as external syndrome which the drug does not require long boiling and some symptoms. It’s benefit is small volume and the taste is not so strong like the decoction. 

Granule is the preparation by concentration of the decoction and granulation. This form has the advantages of the decoction and can reduce volume to a small package and is easy to use by mixing with warmed water, stirred and drank.

Pill  is the preparation by grinding herbs into fine powder and mixing with excipients such as honey , water, drug juice, etc. This form is absorbed slowly, thus prolonging effect, being small in size, and convenient to be taken, carried and stored.