Mungkala herbal medicine family


Mungkala ‘s name comes from our grandfather Mr.Mungkala Pawaradhisan.  Mr.Mungkala married Mae Moo (Mother Moo) daughter of Praya Jorn Panomkhet who worked in the area of Mae-sarieng and the route  from Chiangmai through Maesod to Malamaeng in Myanmar. At that time the working in that area faced many serious diseases. The bag with herbal medicines that used by our grand father and his medicine book are keep in our clinic until now. 


Mother Moo was the first traditional medicine teacher for us. Her famous formulas are pills to relieve stomach pain and stop diarrhea (Ya Gae) and pills for clear internal heat (Ya Khang). Her skills in preparing pill dosage formulas has been used in our clinic.We are now the third generation of the family clinic with three practitioner.






Tcm Dr. Rungrat Pawaradhisan        Tcm Dr. Sudhisak  Pawaradhisan          Tcm Dr.  Rungthip Ratiyapornpun



                               Cultivate Fourth generation                                     Inherited herbal bag